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LSM is a Filmmaker based in Dailekh, Nepal. From his childhood when he used to collect money from several Nepali festivals to buy ‘Five in One DVD’s’ - to staying in military hostel for 9 years where he had to choose movies for hundreds to watch - to fighting to pursue Filmmaking as a career with his parents, LSM just wants to make cinema. He wants to make films that do not end when the film ends. You can find some of his films on YouTube "LSM."


As a fellow member of Gograha, LSM has developed a script for a short film titled, ‘Parallel Dreams,’ about the conflicting relation between Kishor and his father. When Kishor’s father - an Army Major – forces him to be a doctor, he runs from his house to pursue writing. For some reasons, he returns next morning and then slowly, accepts to become a doctor.

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