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CLASS (2021-2022)

Alok Adhikari .jpg


Alok Adhikari is a documentary editor and the Assistant Director of Film Southasia, a biennial Southasian documentary film festival. His work has previously appeared in various form at VICE Media, Record Nepal and Himalmedia.

Bartika Rai.jpg


Bartika Rai’s writings are inspired by the people and places around her. Her work dabbles on questions of existence in response to mortality, migration, identity, dreams and memories. Rai joins Gograha as a writer and a film enthusiast. In her continued quest to discover herself as an artist, she intends to extend her medium to filmmaking.

Bunu Portrait.jpg


Bunu Dhungana is an artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She uses photography as a medium to explore and question the world around her. Her background in sociology informs her photographic work, questioning notions of gender and patriarchy. While her personal projects centre around gender, she has worked in a wide range of fields from visual ethnography, NGO/INGO work, to commercial and journalistic work.

Kiran Rai .jpg


Kiran Rai is a filmmaker based in Birtamod, Jhapa. In the past, he has directed and filmed more than 12 music videos and has directed two series, ‘Damadol’ and ‘My Best Friend.’ Recently, he has directed a movie, Lunga. He is into realistic films and planning to make a movie under a banner The Eastern Media.


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Nikita is a media producer based in Kathmandu and likes to walk. Nikita grew up watching Saturday afternoon Bollywood movies on Nepal Television.  She remembers finding a Kill Bill CD somewhere and watching it when she was 10, simultaneously fascinated and traumatized by the violence. Nikita wants to write and hopefully, make films about growing up in Kathmandu and navigating the city as a young girl/woman.

Pashupati Rai.jpg


Pashupati Rai is an artist from Dharan. She began with her background in dance, then moved to theatre, and then to movies. With the Gograha, she wants to excel in the visual medium navigating between cinema or theatre.

Prabin Purkoti.jpg


Prabin Purkoti is a filmmaker based in Kathmandu. Since 2016, he has been working in the film industry as an assistant and chief assistant director. His notable works are Chini Kam Rang Kada, Bulbul, Junuko Jutta. He wants to become a good film director and is keen to translate a real story of society into an impressive film.

Puja Yadav.jpg


Puja Yadav was born and raised in Nepal. She is currently working towards an undergraduate degree in Business and Management at the University of the West of England. She is an avid reader, an amateur writer, and loves spending time in nature. She has founded Humans of Medico, which shares stories of people in the health and medical field. As an aspiring filmmaker, she wants to explore visual storytelling to better understand and communicate ideas and life experiences that shape our world.

Rakshya Thapa.jpg


Rakshya Thapa is an aspiring filmmaker with a bit of experience here and there in the Nepali film industry. She is an alumnus of Kantipur Film Academy. She has worked in a commercial feature called ‘The Secrets of Radha’ by Subarna Thapa as an Assistant Director. She has also been a project manager for the talk show called ‘Jaat ko Prasna’. Apart from that, she has made some short films on her own.

Sandeep Shrestha.jpg


Sandeep Shrestha is a filmmaker and artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He believes cinema is a reflection of experience, memory, feelings and life itself. He was honored with the Infinite Scholarship in 2018 by Infinite Studios, Singapore for his academic excellence. He has worked as an editor, director and producer in multiple fiction and non-fiction films. His films have been screened at several film festivals all around the world and have won multiple awards.

Sandesh Ghimire .jpg


Sandesh Ghimire is a writer from Kathmandu. He works as a freelance journalist and is completing his MFA in creative writing from the University of Minnesota.

Sandesh Pariyar.jpg


Born and raised in Pokhara Sandesh Pariyar has been working in Kathmandu for the last five years as a video editor in `HERNE KATHA´ and Himalaya Television. He is an aspiring who wants to make a film that captures common people everyday life experiences, so that when they watch it, it touches deep within their joys and sorrows.

Shahin Sunuwar Rasaili.jpg


Shahin is a story-seeker-aspiring to be a story-teller. She has dabbled in film making and writing but her preferred medium is photography and visual media. In the past, she worked as a multimedia content creator and communication consultant. She is inspired by the women in her life, her grandmother being the superstar, of course.

Sudam Chhatkuli.jpg


Sudam is an artist, working in film and theatre as an actor since 2010. Later in this journey he began to work as theatre director and acting facilitator. Currently, he is exploring film-writing and direction. Film making is something he has chosen and is excited to pursue that journey.

Suresh Mukhiya.jpeg


For Suresh, script writing is more of a passion and not just a profession. He likes to play with words and dive deeper into the world of imagination. He believes that words have power. That power can only be unleashed by someone who knows how to properly use them. Besides writing he is also a hobbyist photographer and a dreamer.

tsering headshot square.jpg


Tsering Bista is a documentary filmmaker based in Kathmandu.  She has produced, shot, and edited for video teams at NPR, PBS Frontline, Newsy, CNN, Great Big Story, and New York Magazine.
Tsering’s personal work broadly concerns memory, family history, and language as it relates to cultural preservation. She is also passionate about curation and the democratization of art spaces.

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