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A committee of filmmakers and researchers set up by North South Collectives will award six two-month retreat fellowships per year to writers/filmmakers. The aim of the residency is to support young talents in completing their feature film script by providing them a better working environment. The evaluation committee will consist of a team of scholars, critics, and filmmakers from Nepal and abroad.

Fellows will be provided accommodation and food at a rural site, along with a small cash grant for nominal expenses. Fellowship will be awarded on standard application procedures submitted to the committee and on the quality of submitted materials and works. The Gograha will consider both fiction and non-fiction projects, projects in Nepali or any other language from Nepal. 

The scripts reviewed must relate to Nepal and half of these preferably the outcome of the Film Workshop.


The residency aims to provide an enabling environment to filmmakers to devote an uninterrupted and focused time on their works with necessary guidance, knowledge and resources in improving the quality of their scripts.

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