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The Gograha is a year-round mentoring program, an immersive experience for beginners and amateur filmmakers to develop a film voice. It aims to explore and nurture conscious voices in Nepali cinema and promotes diverse sensibilities in the Nepali film industry. Our workshop is designed to provide essential skill sets and knowledge, wider exposure, and resources to help filmmakers explore the connection between personal perspectives and cinematic storytelling.

Each participant is required to develop a short film drawing stories from their personal experience, lived realities, and the world around them. The workshop is divided into three parts: eight-week writing workshop, twelve-week directing workshop, and awarding three finalist projects Nrs 500,000 each in grants to make their first short film.



Deepak Rauniyar
Director of Gograha Film Workshop


Dr. Bhaskar Gautam
Director of Research and Arts

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Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 15.53.11.png

Sailesh R.C.
Web and Internship Co-ordinator

Shanta Nepali
Program Manager

Asha Magrati
Director of Diversity and Artist Program

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