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Gograha Film Workshop is thrilled to announce 2021 Cohort.

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September 17, 2021

Gograha Film Workshop

Cohort 2021


Press Statement


North South Collectives is pleased to announce that the Gograha Film Workshop 2021 cohort will take off today, 18 September 2021.


The Gograha team is delighted to inform that its 16 member cohort comprises eight female and eight male members. Drawing on the Gograha’s one of the main objectives, promoting diversity, the workshop selection team has selected as diverse candidates as possible. While mentoring the next generation of filmmakers, the Gograha is committed to embrace diverse sensibilities and to promote conscious voice.


Our 2021 Cohort has reached here through a rigorous process. We had received 147 applications. Our first round of short listing was intense and demanding. Here we narrowed down to 30 candidates, considering the quality of application, the diverse geographical and socio-economic background of applicants, and their equally diverse work interests and experiences. Applicants were from Jhapa to Mustang, from Bajhang to Saptari, and Nepali students studying and working abroad. They were from various fields, including photography, music, creative writing, translation and editing, acting, theater, and filmmaking. In the second round, we decided to interview all 30 candidates, to have a better understanding of their diverse backgrounds, work interests, and their approach towards cinematic storytelling. After this round, it was not an easy task for us to select 12 fellows as announced earlier. Due to our deep commitment towards promoting diversity and ensuring better opportunities for the marginalized, we had to consider several aspects, including who needs the Gograha Film Workshop and when they get it, how can we provide best of the quality, exposure, and opportunity to each of our fellows. Yet, the selection was tough and instead of 12 we now have a 16 member cohort.


We take this opportunity to welcome each member of Cohort 2021. We are grateful that they have decided to work with us. We are keen to work with them, to mutually learn and share during this workshop, and to nurture their conscious film voice. We are hopeful that by the end of the workshop they will be able to produce a script and begin their film production.


We also take this opportunity to thank all 147 applicants for being interested in the Gograha Film Workshop and allowing us to learn a little bit about them, as they are aware that our selection in no way discourages them or undermines their skill sets and accomplishments.


We are looking forward to support and cooperation from all parties who will remain key to make this a successful endeavor. 



Shanta Nepali

Program Manager

Gograha Film Workshop

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