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Gograha announces 'The Gograha Residency 2021'


The Gograha Residence 2021


Residency Date: 19 December 2022 - 30 January 2022


The Gograha Residence will select six projects, which have the first draft of a screenplay of a full-length narrative feature film (at least 70 pages) or a draft of a full-length documentary/narrative feature film (70 mins or more).


The selection of the candidate will be based on the quality of their project, draft of screenplay or edit, their already produced work, and overall commitment and motivation.


Filmmakers seeking dedicated creative time and space to finish their project are requested to complete the Gograha Residency application online and send a draft screenplay and/or edit of their current project and at least one sample of previous work.


During the six-week stay in a beautiful rural location in eastern Nepal, the Gograha Residency will provide accommodation, food, working space, and mentorship.   


Deadline for the application: 21 November 2021

Please submit your project along with an online form at

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