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Shanta Nepali

Shanta Nepali

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Shanta Nepali is a Filmmaker, and a relentless Adventurer. She has been directing and producing national and international TV shows and documentaries. With her background in Journalism, Shanta Nepali later worked in Kripa Unplugged Season 1 and 2 and was the assistant director of the adventure show ‘Himalayan Roadies Season 1.’ Recently, she directed the famous Kantipur TV show, “Jaat ko Prasna” hosted by Rajesh Hamal.


Shanta Nepali is a fellow member of One World Media UK 2020, and also a fellow member of Gograha 2020-2021.


During her film making journey, she met a girl who was a victim of Nepalese civil war, child sex trafficking, and caste discrimination. This incident inspired Shanta to showcase the bitter reality of Nepalese society and the reflection of Nepalese people with hypocrite thoughts which has paralyzed common minds to work for any changes for these kinds of victims.



As a fellow member of Gograha, she developed a script for a short film titled, ‘Muna.’ Muna is a story about a 19 years girl emotionally scarred and hardened by life, sold into sex trafficking in Kathmandu who decides to escape it.


Shanta Nepali wants to tell this story because she believes in its integrity and cares about it. The socio-political issues are the major topics that need to be highlighted and pondered upon watching the Film and question ourselves "do we practice what we preach?"

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