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Jyotsana Simha Thakuri
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Jyotsana Simha Thakuri earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism from St. Xaviers College, Kathmandu. She is currently in process of completing her Master's on crisis management at ICMA and is also pursuing BFA on Filmmaking at Oscar International College. She is currently working in a short documentary and a short narrative film.


As a fellow member of Gograha, Jyotsana has developed a script for a short film titled, ‘Alexia.’ The film follows the journey of young Nepali girl, Sikchya Thapa (23) who has a medical condition called ‘Alexia’ (reading blindness). After knowing that the person she has selected to be her exam assistant doesn’t fit University’s criteria, Sikchya struggles to find another substitute. Five days till the board, her journey for the search of her partner unfolds the bitter picture of Nepali society regarding gender, education and medication.

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