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Bhaskar Gautam completed his PhD from Kyoto University in 2014.  During his decade long association at Martin Chautari, Kathmandu, he (co)edited and (co)authored several books and research articles both in Nepali and English. Among books, he has co-authored Courage in Chaos: Early Rescue and Relief after the April Earthquake (2015), and has (co)edited Madhes Vidrohako Nalibeli (The Contours of the Madhesi Revolt, 2008), Maobadi Vidroha: Sashastra Sangharshako Avadhi (Maoist Rebellion: Period of Armed Struggle, 2007), and Saharikaran: Jivikako Vividh Ayam (Urabization: Dimensions of Livelihood, 2007) Nepalma Garibiko Bahas (Debating Poverty in Nepal, 2005). He also writes a fortnight column in Kantipur. Trained as a political scientist, he is now the Chair at North South Collectives, a centre for social and policy research based in Biratnagar, Nepal.

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